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MDM Salon Weekly Insight II: Top Five Hair Tips


Stop going to YOUTUBE to get styling tips.  Go to a Professional Stylist.  

Stop going to YOUTUBE to get styling tips.  Go to a Professional Stylist.  

Lovelies many of you make the unfortunate decision to forgo a professional stylist because you think you can't afford him or her.  Well let me show how you do have it in your budget.  When your hair becomes dry, brittle and begins to break off, you head to the nearest beauty supply store about 3 to 4 times per month -- raking a monthly expenditure, close to $75 on products and  extensions, trying to save your damaged hair.  You go through that ridiculous ordeal to ultimately make the dreaded decision to see a professional stylist because you know you are getting ready to come up off a grip ($200 -$300) for them to bring your hair back to life.  Why go through all of that?  Set your weekly or monthly appointment accordingly and put that monthly beauty supply expenditure toward a professional stylist.  Let them maintain the health of your hair at a reasonable cost -- a cost that you can afford. Stop listening to your cousin who you think got skills in styling your ghetto fab updo.  And by all means STOP LOOKING AT YOUTUBE for styling techniques.  Stop putting your hair in the hands of unqualified regular people with no professional training or education.


Use an industrial strength swimming cap.

Use an industrial strength swimming cap.

Chlorine is all-around bad for hair, especially ethnic hair.  There's nothing good about it. Chlorine causes the hair to become extremely dry, which is detrimental to hair that is naturally dry and brittle--i.e. coarse hair.  Unfortunately there's no guaranteed way to keep your hair dry while swimming.  Swim caps are a hit or miss.  Do the best you can by investing in an industrial strength swimming cap or double up for your weekly swim at the gym.  Don't just use the $1 latex from the local drugstore.  Your hair is not protected.  As soon as you submerge, water begins to seep in at open areas around your ears and at the nape of your neck.  How many of you get frustrated to unveil a damp head of hair when you make it back to the women's locker room?  You're like, "What was the damn point in putting on this swim cap?" Pair the cheap latex with a professional silicone swim cap.  Swimmers who want to keep their hair dry, it is worth the investment.   They run about $20-$30 bucks.


Conditioning treatments seem to be the unpopular kid in school that no one acknowledges, yet without them your hair will not live. Regular conditioning treatments is so important to maintain the vitality of your hair.  My preferred treatment is the organic hydrating steam therapy.  Treat your strands to a spa day at the sauna.  It will infuse your strands with moisture from the root to the tip.  This long term treatment requires little to no maintenance, unless you are an athlete who sweats or swims regularly--in which case would require a little more treatment within the month.  Regular conditioning treatments prolong healthy ends. Your ends won't split as frequently. Treatments lock in moisture. Coarse hair needs moisture.  It is essentially dryer than most and needs to be conditioned in order to manage it.  


Too much flat ironing and blow drying can cause your hair to become dry and brittle and will ultimately break off.  Limit your ironing and drying to once every two weeks.   If you must use more frequently, blow dry your hair on the cool setting. Use curling tongs, they don't need to be heated. 


Many of you make the mistake of trying to brush your hair while its wet.  This is a no-no. With a small toothed comb begin at the ends of your hair and work your way up gradually changing over to a larger toothed comb.  Over-brushing your hair can cause shedding, so keep that in mind during your daily brushing.  Most of you really don't need a brush.  Use a "weave brush" when wrapping and a rat tail comb to style your hair and go.