Maison De' Couture

The Maison De' Couture is a blog about fashion, the health and wellness pf hair, and whats trending in Maison De' Modele Salon Boutigue.  Catch Rochelle Thomas' hair tip of the day and cools pics and tricks of her trade.

Hello my beautiful darlings

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Hello everyone welcome to our new site!  Please bear with us as we continue to upgrade our system.  I'm pleased to present you with our fancy new look.  I wish to dazzle you with my clean and sparkly pages.   I want your feedback.  Tell me what you like and dislike about the site and we will do our best to represent our brand to your liking.

 As the boss of  Maison De' Modele' Salon Boutique my mission is to bridge the gap between drab and fab and make you feel your most beautiful.   

As most of you know me,  I aim to be pristine and elegant which is what I wanted to deliver to you with our new site.  Along with the upgrade some new and wonderful changes are getting ready to come for Fall 2013'  I can't wait to unveil the curtain.  Until then, surf away and enjoy your preview of coming attractions at the new MDMSALON.COM