Rochelle Thomas - Master Stylist and Owner of Maison De' Modele' salon boutique.  Photo by: Doss Tidwell

Welcome to the Maison De' Modele' salon boutique.  It's French! for house of style. At Maison De' Modele' salon boutique we believe in enhancing your natural beauty by providing a customer care regimen tailored to fit your individual needs. We use products with high quality ingredients that consistently results in healthy hair while staying in tune with the latest styling trends.

Hailed by Stylemagazine.com as 'The Best Hair Stylist in Houston', Rochelle Thomas is a master stylist and owner of the salon boutique. With over 15 years of styling experience, education and continuous training to stay abreast of the latest trends in in technique, she reached master stylist in 2008. She acquired a Bachelor of Science degree in business from Texas Southern University. And in 2009 she opened Maison De' Modele' salon boutique.

The salon experience at Maison De’ Modele' salon is where clients are treated in a professional relaxed atmosphere with the feel of a French boutique.  We ensure all clients receive high-quality services from high qualified stylists.